Know Him. Make Him known.   #thatsimple #familymissionstatement #know #tohaverelationship


Hidden places

"Hidden Places" - Ever feel forgotten? Passed over? What about downright rejected or abandoned? Do you ever feel unheard or unseen? I've come to learn that there are seasons in life when we will feel this way, because people won't always appreciate you or believe with you or stand by you. Sometimes people won't walk … Continue reading Hidden places

monday memo

You can't be weak if you’re full of resurrection power. What you think is breaking you is molding you. Stand firm, stay planted, and fight the good fight of faith. You were made for this. To bring Him glory. To tell His story.  Today - Trust God.  Tomorrow - Thank God.  #mondayaftereaster #mondaymemo

Easter-It’s not about the Easter Bunny

Good morning. So you may have opened up social media today to a flood of Jesus posts this morning. Crosses, "He is Risen", bloody crowns, & bible verses will fill your screen between all the awkward family photos & pics with kids in restrictive church clothes hunting Easter eggs. And while you might like the … Continue reading Easter-It’s not about the Easter Bunny