Surrounded (Fight my battles)

I remember one of my first CD’s in my discman was Michael W. Smith’s “I’ll lead you home” (1995). Anyone else “go west young man”? Well, he is still going strong and making albums. There are a lot of emotions, agendas, fears, concerns, fights and grief amongst us in the USA right now. We may not all agree, and we don’t have to, but I do think we all probably feel that battle swarming around us, above us, and maybe within us. I know I really struggled with anxiety this week, and at times just needed a reminder of who truly surrounds me. So if you haven’t heard MWS more recent song “Surrounded (Fight My Battles)” you really, really should. We all battle something, or feel surrounded, at times. And so let this be your comfort tonight. If worship music and worship time with the Lord isn’t in your toolbox or medicine cabinet yet, here is the first song on your new playlist. Then message me for more songs. Friends don’t let friends fight battles alone. Love you all.

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