An open letter to my teenager,
Thank you so much for asking that most very important question. That question that seems to sever every conversation like at hot knife as though it’s never been uttered before in whiney angst. Thank you for bringing to my attention the deep underlying need for you to know the “why”?
In an attempt to save you some hurt, health, hours, and hostility I’m going to share with you the B word for all the whys. I’ve said it upon occasion but apparently not in English or emojis. I pray this sticks better than the balmex and times tables ever did. 
Because we shower everyday. Because if you want apps to tap, you’ll follow my service agreement. Because hot pockets are not a food group. Because you haven’t met your deductible and your coinsurance is 35%. Because you’re taller than me and can reach it and braver than me to squish it. Because you have tiny ear hairs that can vibrate off. Because it’s the one on sale. Because drilling a cavity is more painful. Neeeee. Neeeee. 
Because that smell is not normal. Because wet things rolled in a ball don’t unroll and dry themselves. Because shoes in the hall is a trip hazard. Told you. Because due dates mean something is due. Yes I mean due. Yes I mean turned in. Yes I mean completed fully. Because snap chat is the devil. Because money doesn’t fix everything. Because parent controls never hurt anyone. No really. Really really. Because I didn’t budget for that. Because no one has figured out how to function without sleep. Because Beats are overrated. Because we do own a dustpan too. Because you couldn’t survive a day in jail. Because there is no 5 second rule. Because hormones… enough said.
Because one day you’ll have your own car. Because one day you’ll have a spouse. Because one day you’ll have kids. Because one day you’ll need your siblings. Because one day you’ll need both knees and eyeballs. Because one day you won’t be invincible. 
Because it’s ok to cry. Because grace not perfection. Because humility before pride. Because you can actually learn from my mistakes. Because the tongue can be a weapon. Because silence is sometimes best. Because being right makes someone else wrong. Because others are hurting. 
Because you are smart. Because you are beautiful. Because you are innocent. Because you light up a room. Because you know better. And you do better. Because your future is bright.
Because it’s not about you. Because God first. Because prayer works. Because faith, hope, love; and the greatest of these is love. Because His ways are higher than our ways. Because all things are possible with God. 
Because blood. 

Because sweat. 

Because tears. 

Because stretch marks.

Because cliches. 

Because Calliou. 

Because sleepless nights. 

Because mom jeans. 

Because mom prayers. 

Because I birthed you. 

Because I love you. 
That’s why.
-mom (Nicole Hoff)
#allthewhys #because #raisingmen #openlettertoteenager
Originally written : 10/18/16

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