Mom, not to the rescue 

I think I have discovered the hardest thing in parenting… It’s not the labor pains, it’s not the sleepless nights, and it’s not seeing (or paying for) the stitches and broken bones. It’s not the crying, whining, or temper tantrums that then evolve into the entitlement syndrome (both which are equally embarrassing and happen when you just want to shop in peace). It’s not even the arguments over broken rules and the lapse of good judgement (gum in the nose, anyone?). It’s the moment as a parent you have to let go and let your child learn a lesson, sometimes failing (sometimes miserably), without swooping in to save them. If we save them too much and too often, why would they need a Savior? It’s that moment when you know you have set the stage and taught them well, but know some lessons have to be learned the hard way and through trials. And ultimately it’s better to be learned and observed under your own roof than in the real big world alone. Gulp. Y’all, no one mentioned this in Childbirth Class 101! #preachingtomyself #teenagerscausegreyhair #imnotdoingyourenglishpaper #failureisok #Jesustakethewheel #illbeherewhenyafigureitoutkid

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