I’m a mess. 

I’m a mess. I’m a mess. I’m a mess right now. You too? Need a worship song that tells it like it truly is? Well, here you go Steffany Gretzinger nails it, again, (see link). And here is my two cents about our crazy little mess. We are all “a mess” sometimes. So there. Sometimes we need this mess to lay it all down, to be filled up, and to be poured out. Don’t hide your mess. Don’t excuse your mess. Don’t run from your mess. Don’t stress over your mess. Don’t share your mess. Don’t worship your mess. Don’t blame your mess. Don’t stay in your mess. Just… Confess your mess. Let the Lord turn your mess into a message, and let this confession turn into an obsession of Him. Only He can undo your mess. Here’s how you can start…https://youtu.be/Auv6qQKJIe0

#confessyourmess #imamess #steffanygretzinger #abbalongtoyou #spontaneousworhip

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