Good or God

You can justify things and your actions all you want, saying you are doing a “good thing.” But just because what you are doing or saying is a good thing, doesn’t mean it is a “God thing”. Here’s how to know if it’s a God thing … 

1. There are no casualties left in your wake. No trail of bodies, no unmanageable debt, no misery or dysentery. Instead you will see fruit; and the fruits of your labor come in the forms of faith-rising, friendships, forward momentum, and freedom. 

2. There is no doubt. After prayer, you have received confirmation that this is from the Lord. Time and time again you see reminders that you are doing the right thing; and even when people think you are crazy, you feel peace. 

3. There is no hesitation in your “no”. You are saying ‘yes’ to the people closest to you more than enough, and ‘no’ to others just enough too. Your family may struggle, but they won’t suffer if what you are saying and doing is a God thing. 

4. There is no dread, brutal exhaustion, or wandering. You are motivated, energized, content in the action, even if the process is grueling and hard. You aren’t parched looking for water elsewhere-your cup runneth over. 

5. There is no other way. You are so ruined to do anything else other than this.thing because you feel it in your bones that it brings God glory. You can’t imagine saying or doing it any other way, because you know that it will be pleasing to the Lord. 
What does this mean? Someone needs to hear this. 

1-If your actions are hurting someone, including yourself, even if it’s “just emotionally” : stop. 

2-Doubt means no. Peace means yes. 

3-Say yes to ‘your people’, they need you. 

4-Find what fills you up more often than what drains you. 

5-God’s will – it will always bring Him glory. 
This is for those of us that spin circles and nearly faint keeping up with lists, activities, life suckers, next steps, people pleasing, learning, grasping, perfection, busyness, and procrastinating. We are chronic doers who will say yes to any authority or any girlfriend or any charity or any idea we can dream up; and we make ourselves miserable or sick or offended or obnoxious in always doing the “good”. Here’s a secret… We can say “no” to good & do “God” instead. 

See Proverbs. All of it. Yes chapter 1-31. 

*If this hit home, hit “like” & tell me you want to hear more on this topic. 

In His grip, Nicole 

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