Unchurched. The book. 

Today I nervously reveal the concept for my 1st book that is in the works! “UNCHURCHED. Your guide to why you don’t go to church, and all the reasons why you should.” {Like nude hose. And healing prayers}. 
You can be a part of it! I need your honest stories to make the vision for this book complete. 
Why are you not going to church today (unchurched)?… Only go occasionally, Never been to church, Not going back? Left a church to find a new one? Was it the church lingo or culottes that sent you running? Tell me why? No judging here!
or ….
Why are you going to church (churched)? What brought you that place? Was it the friendships or the hipster pastor ? Do you serve your heart out there too? Tell me why! 
You don’t have to be a writer, just send me your short raw response, or if I can interview you for the full story, please send me a message.  
I’d like our stories to reach those who are seeking, who have been church hurt, who can feel their heart race in the church parking lot, and who are tired of religion and wanting relationship. It’s a book for those who don’t know the ins and outs of churchy things (like communion, why everyone gets dunked in the fountain, & the pastor haircut). But it’s also a guide for those in church who need a reminder why they go and a reason not to leave (yes, you’re in the right place), who need a push to serve and not just sit in the back, who need to know they are not the only ones who fight with their spouse on the way into church, and who need to know the biblical truths of being the body of Christ (like giving, worship, and nursery duty). 
Hell, health, heels, humility, or high water. There are lots of reasons the enemy wants to keep people unchurched. There are lots of reasons why we don’t go to church that go unsaid, and even more reasons why we should go that need to be discussed. Let’s start this conversation today! {Pastors, friends, church ladies-I’m looking at you!} #unchurched #nicolehoffwrites

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