Best things

Monday! It’s a new week. A week that for some will be filled with kid’s holiday programs, gift shopping, Christmas parties, reindeer crafts, and checking of lists twice. While joyous (mostly), when added to the full work load of adulting, budgeting, grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry doing, winter weather wear closet diving, 37 degree dog walking, respect lecturing, and Christmas season expectation executing, it can all be a bit, um, anxiety inducing. Breathe. I was reminded of something & I share with you a week before Christmas plan. Skip the crowds – cuddle the kids. Don’t work late – work harder earlier. Soak the dishes – savor dessert with family. Don’t craft with perfection – create a memory. Don’t wrap presents – be present. Family before functions. Giving before receiving. Mary before merry. Jesus before Santa. Don’t get caught up doing so many good things that you forget to do the best things. 

Lord, show me which good things I should lay down and which ones I should continue doing. Help me to give my best for the things that are best for me and my family, and that best honor You. Amen. 



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