”Tis the season…

It’s only Thanksgiving but we are close enough for me to share my kid’s Christmas list. Because they already have x 4. 
1. A Hero 4 GoPro Camera. The demands are it must come with a thingamajigger that steadies the camera, with apps to edit video content, with cool places to travel, and with dudeperfect stunts to perform. This is sure to start a vlog by my teenager chronicling my imperfections, dust in the corner, as he narrates our unschool homeschool days. But maybe he will be our hero 4 that earns us some YouTube cash. Please, Santa. 

2. Lip gloss. Lots of it. Her own. Not moms. And since it will be mostly eaten and/or smeared on every surface in my family room, I have googled “organic clear natural lip gloss” over 5 times with no product appearing under $22. Yes, for my threenager, who will own better makeup than her mom. But she will be on fleek. I think that’s how the preschoolers say it these days. 

3. Football gloves. Football cleats. Football shirts. Because the season is nearly over but my athlete can wear them twice in playoff games before he outgrows them before the spring season. As I type this, he has currently outgrown his underwear & socks we bought, on Monday. 

4. A life-size Elsa doll. Because the Elsa Barbie, the Elsa baby, the Elsa balloon, the Elsa costume, the Elsa hair, the Elsa toothbrush, the Elsa underwear, the Elsa pillow, the Elsa cake, and the Elsa bike were just not enough. Disney, you win. 

All for the smiles.

#christmaslist #kids

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