How I became a praying wife

11182246_508913926448_6970142021503786724_nIt was a Saturday in May of 2000 when a 6’3 teenage boy rolled up on a Harley, knocked on my front door in jeans & a white t-shirt, with a shaved head, & asked my mom if I was home. I was & I was peeking around the corner, but before my mom could even answer him her instincts kicked in & she promptly shut the door on his face. Gotta love a smart, protective single mom! Thank you, Mom! This story cracks us all up now since I’m now married to that boy.
Matt & I have been best friends and married for almost 15 years. That’s about half my life with him by my side, only by the grace of God & my mother’s prayers. You see, my mom started praying for “my future husband” before I even hit the gangly years at Calvary Christian School. It was always reassuring when she would say she was praying for “him” & one day at summer church camp I prayed for him too.
I feel like I’ve told this story to just about anyone who will listen to it, but I was about 14 when I had a really cool “God moment”. Our church youth group was at Zephyr near Corpus Christi when during praise & worship the pastor asked us to ask God what to pray for…. I got nothin’. I peeked through my praying eyes & saw all my friends praying, so I was like “umm like God I don’t know what to pray for today?! I’m waiting.” When a small voice said, “Pray for your future husband.”
“What? Lord I’m like 14 & this is silly,” I thought. But with hands lifted “like about jr high acceptable” high, I began to pray for my future husband. It went something like this: “Lord, I’m praying for my future husband. Can you make him tall, funny, responsible, & want a lot of kids please.” ::Pause, peeking, everyone still praying.:: “Ok and make him good with money, make sure he loves you God, & can you please help us to never divorce. I want to break that curse in my family. Like now.”
Just then I felt a warmth on my wedding finger & a gold diamond ring my mom had given
me at a young age (and only fit on that finger) broke off & hit the ground. Embarrassed, I quickly picked it back up off the floor & put it in my pocket. I could feel the heat of the ring through my pants as my heart raced. Service was done soon after, so I mentioned my ring incident & showed it to my friends & group leader who said, “Nicole that is God telling you he has prepared a husband for you, you will marry an amazing man, & that cycle of divorce will be broken.”
She was right & I still have that ring as a reminder of the amazing power of prayer! Matt is every one of those things I prayed for & so much more. He’s tall, responsible, funny, great with “a lot of=our 4” kids & I fell in love with him the moment I saw him balance his checkbook in co-op class in high school (Kidding, kind of)! But I believe my mom can take most credit for my marriage because of the many years she prayed & asked God to prepare his heart to be my husband (which is a lot of work). So first, I want to say thank you to my mama for all her prayers! And thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers & giving me Matt.
Is our marriage perfect? No.
Is it beautiful? Yes.
Do we need to continue to grow? Yes.
And to do that we need to be continually praying for each other!
I want to continue praying for my husband but it’s not always easy to remember, once you’re married & raising adorable lifesuckers, to pray for your husband. It’s certainly easier to vent to a girlfriend or to plead or whine to your hubby as he walks in the door after a day of work. That’s not only me right?! So many chores, obligations, & concerns fill our minds and crowd our days that many of us might be wondering why in the world we should add one more thing to our already overflowing to-do list by adding time to pray for our husbands. We have kids & bills to pray for as it is, right? But this is why I’m writing this… I want us all to feel the power of prayer in the most important relationship in our homes! We have to pray for our husbands.
If not you, then who? We can delegate a lot of tasks but we can’t put praying for our husbands off on anyone else. Only we know their true needs, hearts, strengths & weaknesses, better than anyone else on this earth. It’s our duty to pray for them. So while we have breath in us, let’s pray for them.
Stormie Omartian says in The Power of a Praying Wife: ” A wife’s prayers for her husband have a far greater effect on him than anyone else’s, even his mother’s … A mother’s prayers for her child are certainly fervent, but when a man marries, he leaves his father and mother and becomes one with his wife (Matthew 19:5). They are a team, one unit, unified in sprit. The strength of a man and wife joined together in God’s sight is far greater than the sum of the strengths of each of the two individuals. That’s because the Holy Spirit unites them and gives added power to their prayers. That’s why there is so much at stake if we don’t pray. Can you imagine praying for the right side of your body and not the left? If the right side is not sustained and protected and it falls, it’s going to bring down th
e left side with it. The same is true of you and your husband. If you pray for yourself and not him, you will never find the blessings and fulfillment you want. What happens to him happens to you and you can’t get around it.”
We need to come together to pray for our other halves, or they’d maybe say “better halves”? I am looking for some imperfect wives, just like me, who love their hubbies, who want to have daily focused, intentional prayer for our husbands. It’s not that we aren’t already praying for our husbands, it’s that we need to commit to be on our knees seeking God on behalf of the men in our lives daily. Wherever our husbands are in their walk, wherever we are in ours, the purpose of commiting to pray is that we will pray these heartfelt prayers for our marriage & family to grow.
It’s not high school anymore, but our men are still at our door each day seeking our hearts. My prayer is that not only will our husbands be changed as we commit to praying, but that we will be changed as well as their lovely, devoted praying wives!
James 5:16b reminds us that “the earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results” (NLT). 

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